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One of the reasons why you may have a gig drought is because you just never really bothered to ask every single venue in your town. Get on it: Make a list of all the usual gig spots in your town for eg clubs, popular bars, and so on. Keep a USB filled with tunes on your key fob, along with a foldable pair of headphones or in-ear monitors in your pocket whenever you go out. Get on it: Keep two folders on your USB stick — one for your latest mixtapes, and one for your individual songs. The mixtapes are for you to play when you need a bit of extra time to switch between DJs or if you just want to play a mix at a party , so always keep this folder fresh.

Also doubles as a way to get your mixtape out in case other friends or DJs want to copy it — make sure to fill out all the metadata and put album art with your branding on it! Do it again and again, and you may soon find yourself getting closer to more coveted time slots, which really do come with time. Be sure to add DJ idents to your mixes so the staff and whoever else is there at the time will know whose mix it is — it just could increase the chance of you getting booked the next time they have a think about who they should get onboard in the future.

If the event is a huge success, the organisers will be on a high and be more receptive to what you have to say. Do you have any tips to add to this list? How did you get your most lucrative gig to date? Share your thoughts below. A DJ since , he ran a successful recording studio for many years, and is a music producer and sound engineer too. Copy Link Copied! Last updated 23 March, Here are seven ways to do just that. Bonus points for naming all of them!

The essential guide to securing a DJ residency

What may come off as any other food truck to the naked eye has become a reliable source of creative, colorful, late night meals for the Midtown area. Swing by until 1 a. You're in luck.

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Midtown's Gotham Pizza is the real deal, made by real New Yorkers. The locally-owned joint makes everything fresh-from-scratch daily and is cooked in gas-fired deck ovens, which give the crust it's perfectly-crispy texture. Stop by Friday and Saturday nights, when Gotham stays open until 3 a. Tacos a Go Go : Good food and good prices define this casual, yet funky Midtown restaurant. Think: Carne Guisada tacos, pork tamale plates and hearty burritos. The hotspot stays open until 2 a. The made-from-scratch creations make use of fresh, premium ingredients like prosciutto, bacon, pepperoni, provolone, mozzarella, spinach and mushrooms.

How to Start Spinning in Clubs

Try it Friday and Saturday, when Pink's stays open and delivers until 3 a. Max's Wine Dive : This upscale dive bar offers a standout wine list, late-night comfort food and a Texas-proud jukebox. Crowds of trendy diners vie for tables at dinnertime, sampling menu standouts like the Texas-style chili, kobe beef burger and king-size "haute dog. Andy's Home Cafe : Looking for somewhere to go after a concert at Fitzgerald's or a night out in the Heights? Andy's Home Cafe offers a solid blend of people watching and an extensive, Tex-Mex-leaning menu line-up.

Open 24 hours a day, Friday-Sunday, the family-owned, hole-in-the-wall-spot delivers filling fare like enchiladas, breakfast tacos and hamburgers. Yes, hamburgers. Andy's is eclectic, to say the least. Velvet Taco has got you covered. This Dallas-based mini-chain location serves up tacos with funky fillings, like Cuban pig with shaved ham and pulled pork, fish and chips, barbacoa egg frittata and a rotating WTF special.

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The kitchen cranks out delicious tacos Sunday through Wednesday until 1 a. Part restaurant, part bar and coffeehouse, Onion Creek has remained a popular hangout for locals and happy hour hopefuls to unwind since it first opened in November Find a spot on the patio and enjoy one of the delicious sandwiches standouts include the Country Ass Rueben and O.

Poyboy , as well as salads, hot dogs, Frito pie and pizzas on cibatta bread. Onion Creek's kitchen stays open Sunday through Wednesday until p. Friday through midnight on Sunday. House of Pies : Part all-night diner and part pastry shop, House of Pies evokes the vinyl-and-Formica charm of a bygone era.

Its lack of pretension proves appealing for everyone from delivery truck drivers and society matrons to curfew-busting high schoolers and off-duty cops. With sugar-free pastries, classic fruit favorites and sinfully rich offerings like the multi-layered Bayou Goo and chocolate cream--all freshly baked--there's a pie for every craving.

The all-day short-order menu offers typical greasy-spoon fare, but the drink sizes are generous and the staff is the down-home friendly type you'd find in any Southern diner. Head there for middle-of-the-night tortas, enchiladas and fajitas. Expect a wait after the bars close, as many faithful followers head to La Tapatia to wrap up a night on the town. The restaurant is open seven days a week: Sunday through Thursday, until 3 a.

Red Lion Pub : Owner Craig Mallinson makes it a point to give locals an authentic British experience with more than 20 English ales and imported beers on tap, as well as a serious menu filled with time-honored pub favorites from across the pond. Red Lion serves food until 2 a. Wednesday through Saturday. Ruchi's : Don't expect your typical Houston Tex-Mex. This cheap Mexican food chain serves authentic Mexican food to the masses hours a day.

Brace yourself for things to heat up at Ruchi's right from the start, with the spicy, hard-to-resist salsa verde.

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Don't fill up on chips though, there's tortas, flautas and tacos al pastor to experience during your visit, too. Not in the neighborhood? The biz has several other locations in the Houston area, all of which are open around the clock. Serving up halal basics into the wee hours of the evening, you can fulfill that falafel craving after a night of unmentionable antics. Not wanting to pile on the carbs so late at night? Ask to substitute the rice for salad, and voila , a healthy- ish late night meal.

Pro tip: a little extra white sauce on the side never hurts. Catch the gyro-fever Sunday through Wednesday until midnight, Thursday until 1 a.

1. Build an Appealing Website

The hour diner, which opened in , is bright, clean and decorated in its original, old-school style with wood paneling, vinyl booths and TK lights hanging from the ceiling. The menu has withstood the test of time, too. Large, southern-style options fill the menu-buttermilk pancakes, grits, chicken fried steak with country gravy and an endless array of house-made desserts. Head to Tan Tan in west Houston, where locals have been enjoying savory oriental specialties for more than 20 years.

Try one of the more than items donning the Tan Tan menu or stick with customer favorites like the house rice cake, one of the 87 noodle soups or a traditional hot pot course. The Chinatown location is open until midnight every day. Houston bars are open until 2 a. Set near House of Blues, Lucky Strike draws a fresh-faced, energetic crowd looking for fun nights on the lanes.

Look for artwork from rising-star artists to be projected on floor-to-ceiling video screens and a stellar menu line-up boasting treats like coconut shrimp and Asian skewers. In west Houston, bowling aficionados can put their skills to the test at BowlMor Lanes. The high-energy, luxury lanes-set along Bunker Hill, in Memorial-takes an upscale approach to the game with large, flat-screen TVs, a VIP cocktail lounge, premium stereo system and a well-heeled catering menu. Head there for a lively crowd on Friday and Saturday, but get there early because lanes fill up quickly.

Memorial Park : You would be hard-pressed to drive past Memorial Park at any given time and not find locals jogging the park's three-mile loop. Year round, the expanse-which has been dubbed the "largest urban park in Texas" attracts the athletic set for a number of activities like tennis, softball, biking, baseball and golf. Join other faithful followers between a. Fishing : Located 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is a destination for avid fishermen. An estimated 3 million Texas fisherman spend more than 9 million days fishing each year on the 1.

How to GET A JOB in Ibiza as a DJ in clubs, bars and pubs on the island.

Load up your fishing pole and hit the water early for a shot at long-time favorites like large-mouth bass, crappie, sunfish, white bass and various species of catfish. Play Video. Nov Alexandra Nechita: Reimagined. Houston: Getaway for Two. Houston: Love is in the air. Multi-Year Group Offer. See All Deals. Top