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Reviewing six decades of research into the meaning, development, and benefits of purpose in life. While a prisoner at Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and two satellite camps of Dachau, Viennese psychologist Viktor Frankl noticed that fellow prisoners who had a sense of purpose showed greater resilience to the torture, slave labor, and starvation rations to which they were subjected.

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As part of its ongoing interest in increasing understanding of character and virtue, the John Templeton Foundation commissioned a review of more than six decades of the literature surrounding the nature of human purpose. In psychological terms, a consensus definition for purpose has emerged in the literature according to which purpose is a stable and generalized intention to accomplish something that is at once personally meaningful and at the same time leads to productive engagement with some aspect of the world beyond the self.

Not all goals or personally meaningful experiences contribute to purpose, but in the intersection of goal orientation, personal meaningfulness, and a focus beyond the self, a distinct conception of purpose emerges. Studies and surveys investigating individual sources of purpose in life cite examples ranging from personal experience being inspired by a caring teacher to concerns affairs far removed from our current circumstance becoming an activist after learning about sweatshop conditions in another country. Most world religions, as well as many secular systems of thought, also offer their adherents well-developed guidelines for developing purpose in life.

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Love of friends and family, and desire for meaningful work are common sources of purpose. The vast majority of those noted benefits, however, are currently only correlations — in many cases it is not clear whether having a strong sense of purpose in life causes the benefits or whether people experiencing the benefits are simply better positioned to develop a sense of purpose. And, they take a variety of career paths. There is a lot of psychology content available on the internet. Where do you begin? Well, my site for starters. He is the first blog psychologist and he has compiled the ultimate list of psychology blogs on the internet.

So, if you ever need to read s of articles on s of topics, that list will help you get started and quench your thirst for everything psychology. Check it out here. Quoting it from Merriam-webster. Many branches of psychology are differentiated by the specific field to which they belong, such as animal psychology, child psychology, and sports psychology. Here is a psychology textbook that has a little bit about everything.

Check it out if you are considering reading this book if you want to make psychology more than a hobby. Watson, founded a new movement that changed the focus of psychology. Behavior, he argued, is not the result of internal mental processes, but the result of how we respond to the environment.

Rather than being victims of the environment or the unconscious, they proposed that humans are innately good and that our own mental processes played an active role in our behavior.

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The humanist movement puts high value on the emotions, free will, and a subjective view of experience. Cognitive theorists believe that we take in information from our environment through our senses and then process the data mentally by organizing it, manipulating it, remembering it, and relating it to information we have already stored. Cognitive theory is applied to language, memory, learning, perceptual systems, mental disorders, and dreams.

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Nowadays, psychologists study all these approaches and choose what appears to be best from each approach for a particular situation. In addition, each state has requirements for licensure. Article last updated by Yvette Brazier on Thu 1 February All references are available in the References tab.

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About APA. Baker, D. B editor. Cherry, K.

Main branches of psychology. Explore Psychology. Heffner, C. History of psychology BC to present. Islamic culture and the medical arts: Hospitals. Licensure and practice. What do practicing psychologists do?


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The Psychology of Purpose

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The Psychological Meaning of Money

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There are different types of psychology, such as cognitive, forensic, social, and developmental psychology. A person with a condition that affects their mental health may benefit from assessment and treatment with a psychologist.

A psychologist may offer treatment that focuses on behavioral adaptations. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who is more likely to focus on medical management of mental health issues. The work of a psychologist can range from counseling individuals with anxiety to advising companies on how to build better teams. In a corporate setting, a psychologist can help boost productivity and enhance employee retention.