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Robe 6 points, Cupc iortliun.

I Wiud. Sew South Wales. Fine and clear generally, except cloudy at a few places in the south-east; irosta on tbe higblandi.

Tweed Heads, ENE. HE, light, fine, sea slight; Niwri silo. Complaints having been made to the Trea surer In rogard to the supply of seamen on board Interstate shipping vessels, and suggestions having been made that In tho event of anything happening to the ships there would not bo a full complement of able seamen to man and take charge ot the noats, tho Minister has called for a report from the Superin tendent of Navigation asking for a return showing tho number of passengers carried on each interstate passenger steamer, the number of the crew divided up into sallorB.

For a considerable tlmo past an amendment of the Navigation Act has boen proposed, and a Draft Act was drawn u uefore the begin ning of last session, but, owing to pressure of business and changes, opportunity was not given for Its complcto revision and Its presentation to Parliament. The boat accommodation and the number of sailors will be ono of the matters which will receivo attention when tbe Act comes up for final revision.

While I am quite sure that too regulations as to the safety or appliances and the sea worthiness of the lifeboats arc being carried out by the Navigation Department to tbe fullest extent of their powers," said Mr. Car-raichael yesterday, "yet the powors under the Act arc. In my opinion, not only too limited, but on a wrong basis altogether. The number of boats required for each ship under our Navigation Act of Is taken altogether from tho Doard of Trade regulations. Under these regulations the gross tonnage of tne ship If the basis for the number of lifeboats to be carried.

Thus a ship of gross tonnage of tons must carry not ldss than 8; 7, tons, not Ipbb that 12; 10, tons and upwards, not less than 16; and that is the maximum that the Navigation Department naa mo power to enforce. Anybody looking at the number ot immigranta carrieu oy snips to tola port will Bee mat cms aooo not cater, htf n nonslderable amount, for the total num ber of passengers and crew.

If we look at tho boats carried by tho Titanic, based on this regulation of tho Board of Trade, there was enrrying capacity for practically1 pnflftongcrs and crew. They are each of ll,W tons gross, and are fitted with But In tho caso ot vessels carrying less than. VID, iu uuuiiiuii iu iuu muster, mu?

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  • Gabriel et Gabriel (Contemporain t. 1582) (French Edition);

I employer may. I The gydnqr Harbour Trait's now dredge Manchester scale, also mohalr-growlng ana ostrich laitu-, or ng rosjarda tile month ot L ! The Harbour Ing.


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Trust oulcUl. I employee, within the her Mlet. V ' uy'K t overtime rates tor overtime at wav lines therw hn. J- ; sea- exclusively, pay the employee.

  1. Ageing, health and care.
  2. The Governor Generals Star Chamber.
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  6. The Gay Tongue God.
  7. First, we have Canc. If mn. In this line of country. In' Tne clausc8 providing for tho appointment addition to copper, gold, tin, bismuth, and ' a Doard oI referenco have been struck out, molybdnite occur, and from the twio latter an 1 interpretations ore given to word8 as fol-deposits many thousands of pounds sterling lows: "Month" means a calendar month:? Sfi;I r'V "ro freat ,orosu i ". L ""till" ' "'f.

    The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on April 26, · Page 10

    These aro facts which will stand the test of investigation. So much then for the alleged barrenness of the line between the coast and Glen innes. When we come to consider the western portion what do we And? Why, a Ono stretch of country at Red Range, and further west, unequalled la any other division of the Stato for productive purposes.

    Rich In all the elements that make for successful agriculture and dairying pursuits, on Red Range alono ". I Brisbane. April 25, Kumaiio Maru, i. M'Donald, on beha? Tho President: "That Is what the parties agreed to! M'Donald: "I never agreed to anything of the sort! Uahenc, from Auckland. Mallina, from Queensland ports. Peregrine, from Towuavillc, via porta, fiombala, from Melbourne.

    A Newnos report runs thus: "Families continue to leave, and the place, as may be Imagined,! Unions there's somebody waiting to glvo you a cup of nice, freshly -mado tea tho minute you got borne. By Jove!

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    • Lil Maes Lucky Day.

    Havo you tried tho No.. It ts a splendid tea, really excellent; Its flavour Is delightful, and It hfts a richness not to be found In ordinary Ceylon or blended tea. Adrt Mr. M'Donald: "If your Honor is making bourne. Arr: Ant-n OS. Passed: April 25, Wyrccma, tt for Melbourne. April 25, Queensland, s, for Mary-borough. April 25, Friendship, a, bar The direct route via Olen Innes would effect I1"" ,nls c,nlm wholly to the em- bound. Passed: Like Darrabool, a, 4.

    Dep: Mokau. S T34 a3. For the fncta and figures I am Indebted to Mr. Holmes, a gentleman who lias had many yoars' service aa a licensed surveyor, nnd who, moreover, possessos a personal knowlodge of tho subject on which he treats. Tho totnl length of the line surveyed is IIS miles Ci chains, which Is divided Into three sections, starting from nnout lliroo miles south of Olen Innos, vl: No, 1, 41 miles 44 chalna mwi No.

    M Donald: But In making sn award Rrandali, a, 3 p. Passed: Like your Honor can put an obligation on tho Purwah, s, 5. Dep: Coolehar, a, 3. I ask that this notice l'-m-: BurrlnBbar, a, 3. Paned : April hod como to the conclusion It waa not fair.

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    Pasted: Anril 2. Elcclra, a, Arr: April 2. Den: Anril Ladysrnith, ktrh. Kyojrie, s. Hunter, s, Kiltobranks ii Victoria. Hamilton 5 points, Portland Cape Scroll 18 points, Zechan 07, Stia ley!. H iu, 0,21 p. Hif-h water nt Fort Dcnlson, 4. At about 11 o'clock yesterday morning t tailor's shop, occupied by H.

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    Perclval-road, Petersham, was destroyed by At the annual meeting of the Newcastle Are, and our adjoining shops and a dwelling Chamber ot Commerce to-day a discussion were damaged considerably, arose In connection with the present attl-i The outbreak Is supposed to hare bees tudo or the Government towards Mr. Tho with flame in tho tallor'B room. In a Terr question was raised by Mr. Julian Wlndeyer, short time tho tailor's Bhop was demolishes, who objected to a paragraph ln the annual and Mr. Barry was burnt on tho face aid report of the council of the Chamber, which hands.

    The bootshupct South Wales to so amend this Act at the Mr. Rawlings, In Salisbury-road, BiiiTerei, first opportunity, so as to remove from the, with Its contents. Next, tho front and ildi control of the Chief Commissioner and rc- walls of a tinsmith's workshop, occupied by atore to tho Parliament the right to decide Mr. Watson, cnught, nfter which Ito questions of railway policy, like that which' ore Bpread to a fruiterer's shop nnd dwell-Is here dealt with, viz.